"Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalks again; we had longer ways to go.
But no matter, the road is life." -
Jack Kerouac


Lost in Laos

Just to let everyone know, we are in Laos and the internet connections are not great and are few and far between so you may not hear from us all that often. Still having a good time and we'll write when we can,
Em and Mike


  1. Monday, Monday,
    Hello you two! Nice to hear from you. We got a ton of snow this morning. It was beautiful big flakes, coming straight down.
    Dave took 2nd at the Regional wrestling tournament on sat. in Watford City. This week, State begins in Bismarck. Jackie and Sean are coming.
    Hopefully Em has been able to retire her scarf for the remainder of the trip!
    Have fun!
    Love, Mom S.

  2. oh, i thought you guys back to home! and you are in Asia now! good! enjoy your stay!

  3. Hi guys, sounds like all is good and I'm still impressed with the whole thing. We got some more snow today also after about 4 days of thawing, I was beginning to think we might be done for the year. Take care and let us know whats happening when you can.


  4. Colleen,
    Glad to hear you are having a white winter. Sounds like the same storm to hit Pocatello and Dee and Steve's house. Give Dave a big congrats and good luck from me. But no hug. Just a hug from Emily, and a wedgie from me.

    Thanks for the note. I don't think we'll make it to Taiwan on this trip, but it would be nice to see you again sometime. Hopefully we'll be back to Asia someday!

    Impressed that Em gave work the ol' heave-ho? Me too! Hope you are digging yourself out of the snowbanks, and it seems like you probably don't have to dig the mailbox out now, huh?! Em still wants to hear that a sign has gone up protesting the mailbox's demise. Glad to hear you guys got the clothes. As a favor, I'd request that you yourself don't try on the jacket, I'm not sure it will fit you!

    Em says to tell Dee that she is feeling a bit better. She isn't laying in bed all day, so I think that she is doing MUCH better!


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